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Rubina Mahsud, Jessica Imanaka

Global Collaborative Advantage: Lessons for Business from the World’s Wisdom Traditions

This paper advances a new paradigm called Global Collaborative Advantage (GCA). The paper critiques existing business ethics related frameworks from a perspective of decolonization. GCA works within the field of business ethics, but strives for greater incorporation of diverse sources of wisdom (classical and contemporary) from across the globe. This paper makes the case for developing a model that draws from a variety of global perspectives on humanity, society, and economics so as to broaden the possibilities for ethical, meaningful, and generative exchange in global markets. GCA strives to bring the world’s wisdom traditions together, while de-centering Euro-originated perspectives, and centering those from the Global South. GCA offers a model for business organizations of relational exchange in markets. Among other recommendations, GCA calls for a truth and reconciliation process for MNCs and TNCs.