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Coral R. Snodgrass & Ronald M. Rivas

Developing the “Sustainable Development” Mindset Innovative Curriculum Design for Cura Personalis and Cura Naturalis

The focus of our project is to test whether or not the course we designed on “Sustainable Development” would engender a change in the value system in our students supportive of sustainable development. We designed a course which combines class work and field work that immerses our students in the various pieces of “sustainable development.” The results indicate that: 1. On the pre-test, students valued People and Prosperity as important. We conclude that students already had a value for certain aspects of sustainable development before the field work. 2. On the post-test, the students increased their value for the importance of Planet, Peace & Partnership. We conclude that the immersion experiences did lead to change in their mindsets. 3. The actual set of activities was different from one year to the next but the results were the same. We conclude that it is not necessary to have exactly the same experiences in order to effect this change in our students.