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Where in the World is St. Ignatius Loyola? Jesuit Business Education for a Globalized Market Place

Ji-Hee Kim, Ronald Rivas, Coral Snodgrass
July 1, 2011
Africa, Asia - Pacific, Europe, Latin & South America, North America
Ethics & Social Justice
13 pages
Jesuit, business, Education, leadership, Ignatius Loyola, Global
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The discussion at this year’s conference seems to be premised on the thought that business has become globalized but business education—and specifically business education at Jesuit institutions—has not kept up. In preparing for the conference, we have been prompted by questions such as “What is the global environment for business education?” and “Are business schools truly global?” An implied notion is that once “global” is introduced into the discussion, dimensions of complexity, uncertainty, dynamism and change that haven’t been explicitly incorporated into our educational models must now be addressed. The problem, of course, is that complexity, uncertainty, dynamism and change generally don’t easily submit to static modeling. In our paper we have decided to discuss some interesting questions that we think should be asked. We start with one basic question: “What will a business student who has been educated in the Jesuit tradition do to enact that tradition in the global market place?” This leads to our first point of discussion.