What We Have Learned Along the Way: The Significance of Teaching Notes in Case Writing

Leigh W. Cellucci, East Carolina University, Cara Peters, Winthrop University, Jenyqua Young, East Carolina University
May 1, 2018
North America
Accounting & Finance, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Ethics & Social Justice, Information Systems, Human Resources & Organizational Behavior, Marketing & Sales, Strategy & General Management, Operations
7 pages
case research, case teaching, case writing, Journal of Case Studies
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In Vol 35 (2) we wrote about what we had learned as editors regarding case research, writing, and publishing in this journal. Throughout that article, we focused specifically on what we thought stakeholders might be interested in reading about the art and craft of case research from the editors’ view. We were appreciative of the positive comments about that article, and we received questions that focused on the teaching note. So, we decided that stakeholders might be interested in reading about what we learned along the way as it pertains to the teaching note, and we have referred to teaching notes that accompany cases in the current and past publication issues. We hope you will find valuable points to assist you as you develop and improve the craft of writing excellent teaching notes.