Teaching Ethics with Business Grand Rounds- Reimagining Student-Written Cases Using Ignatian Pedagogy

Teaching Ethics with Business Grand Rounds: Reimagining Student-Written Cases Using Ignatian Pedagogy

C. Ken Weidner II, Elena Lvina
August 19, 2023
North America
Ethics & Social Justice
27 pages
Teaching business ethics, student-written cases, Business Grand Rounds, Ignatian Pedagogy
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This study aims to share our experiences with Business Grand Rounds—an innovative and versatile method for business education integrating elements of medical education, the traditional case method, and experiential learning using Ignatian pedagogy from the Jesuit educational tradition. We explain how using Business Grand Rounds “flips” classic case teaching to case learning with student-written cases instead of relying on faculty-selected published cases. Drawing upon a business ethics course example, we demonstrate how student-written cases based on their experiences engage them throughout the learning process. The main contribution of this paper is a theoretical foundation and a practical guide to teaching where student-led learning is placed at the heart of reimagining business education.