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Michael J. Stellern, Thomas Curran
June 1, 2018
Europe, North America
Ethics & Social Justice
11 pages
refugees, Migrant, Cardinal Turkson, refugees migrant, ethics, religious leaders
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In this decision case, students are asked to grasp the magnitude and scope of the global refugee crisis. Pope Francis has identified the crisis as the worst crisis facing humanity since WWII. The case explores the morality of the issue and how religious leaders can impact results. In January 2017, Cardinal Turkson assumed leadership of a dicastery which addresses the refugee challenge and explores solutions to the challenge. This case study considers how Catholic Social Teaching recommends that the issue be addressed.

Learning Outcomes: 
  • Describe the scope of the refugee issue.
  • Develop Pope Francis’ argument as to why the refugee issue is considered the greatest humanitarian crisis since World War II. Demonstrate how the Pope is using the Papacy to address the issue.
  • Provide reasons why migration is a basic human right.
  • Articulate why and how religious leaders can speak to political issues with a moral voice.
  • Furnish and explain the four verbs used by Pope Francis in his message commemorating the 104th World Day of Migrants and Refugees.