JJBE Volume 14

Journal of Jesuit Business Education Volume 14, Issue 1

Joan Lee, Patricia Martinez, Molly Pepper , Nicky Santos, S.J. (Senior Editor)
August 19, 2023
North America
Ethics & Social Justice, Entrepreneurship, Inspirational Paradigm for Jesuit Business Education, Strategy & General Management
190 pages
Journal of Jesuit Business Education, journal preview, Inspirational Paradigm for Jesuit Business Education
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The Journal of Jesuit Business Education is the peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal of the Colleagues in Jesuit Business Education (CJBE). The journal is dedicated to the distribution of scholarly work and commentary with a focus on the distinctiveness of business education in the Jesuit tradition.

In this issue:

  • Editorial: Getting ready for the next quarter century of Jesuit Business Education
    • Joan Lee 
    • Patricia Martinez
    • Molly Pepper
    • Nicky Santos, S.J. (Senior Editor)
  • Jerry Cavanaugh S.J.: An Appreciation
    • Kirk Hanson
  • Update on the Inspirational Paradigm for Jesuit Business Education
    • Cristina Gimenez Thomsen
    • Joseph M. Phillips
  • Teaching Ethics with Business Grand Rounds: Reimagining Student-Written Cases Using Ignatian Pedagogy
    • C. Ken Weidner II
    • Elena Lvina
  • Teaching Dark Side of Entrepreneurship Theories at Jesuit Business Schools: An Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm-based Perspective.
    • Matthew D. Regele
    • Stanislav Vavilov
  • Teaching in the Metaverse: The Use of Virtual Reality in a Global Learning Context
    • Kelly Watson
    • Ellen Ensher
  • Preparing Business Leaders to Find Peace at Work through Sacred Time
    • Cathleen McGrath
    • Arthur Gross-Schaefer
    • Nirinjan K. Khalsa-Baker
  • Using Presentation Feedback to Promote Reflective Learning in the Strategy Classroom
    • Alfredo Mauri
  • Implementing the Inspirational Paradigm: Surveying the progress achieved in spreading the word
    • Kara Hunter
    • Joan Lee
  • Missing Contexts and Rethinking Formation, in the “Inspirational Paradigm for Jesuit Business Education”
    • Mark S. Markuly
    • Marc A. Cohen
  • How Can We Animate The Inspirational Paradigm In Our Classrooms?
    • Tracy Couto
    • Andy Boynton