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Creativity and Decision-Making in the Context of Jesuit Business Education

Holly Schapker and Paul F. Buller
July 1, 2012
North America
Strategy & General Management
20 pages
Creativity, Jesuit, business, Higher Education, Ignatius Loyola
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Ignatius Loyola mastered the art of creativity with an effective use of the imagination which he commends to his followers. As an oil painter, business person, teacher, lecturer, and alumnus of a Jesuit University (Xavier, 1992), I wish to share my perspective on the creative process in regards to Ignatian spirituality and will also address the question of how we can use the example and insights of Ignatius to serve, teach and be transformed by our business students in the tradition of the Jesuit education. The following works are presented with the purpose of stimulating thoughts and ideas of Ignatius Loyola and discussing how the images presented here may be useful in stimulating creativity and enhancing decision-making in business. While some specific suggestions are made on ways the paintings might be used, readers are encouraged to consider how the images, or the insights gained from reflecting on them, can be incorporated into their courses on strategy, entrepre- neurship, management, marketing, ethics, and other business disciplines.