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You Are Not Good Enough

Donald A. Carpenter, Kay A. Hodge
May 1, 2014
North America
Strategy & General Management, Human Resources & Organizational Behavior
5 pages
human resource, Human Resource Management, HRM, Motivation, hiring process, Interviewing
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After several years as a sales representative, Todd was promoted to zone sales manager. This promotion caused Todd to think back about his start with the company and his friend and mentor, Clint Smith who had told him at his interview that the company did not want to hire him because “you are not good enough.” That was just the motivation Todd needed to realize that he was good enough, in fact, better than good enough—he turned out to be outstanding at his job leading to his current promotion.

Learning Outcomes: 
  1. Analyze the interview method used during Todd’s initial interview.
  2. Analyze the interviewing method used during Todd’s second interview.
  3. Outline several contemporary motivational techniques and identify the one used during Todd’s second interview.
  4. Categorize Clint’s leadership style.
  5. Identify and elaborate on the Positive Organizational Behavior construct in Todd that Clint played on during the interview.