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When “You’re Fired” Is Not An Option: A CEO’s Dilemma

Fredricka F. Joyner, David W. Frantz, Barbara Smolnikar
May 1, 2014
Strategy & General Management, Human Resources & Organizational Behavior
13 pages
Performance Management, Coaching, European Union, Human Resource Management, Solvenia, leadership development, organization development
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In this decision case, the CEO of an insurance company located in the European Union is faced with a dilemma related to a breach of confidentiality on the part of a senior manager. She needs to determine a course of action that fits with European Union employment practices, the company culture and operational considerations, as well as the approaches she studied at a recent executive development seminar on coaching. The case introduces students to coaching concepts and provides opportunities for students to apply a number of tools actively used in leadership and organization development.

Learning Outcomes: 
  1. Identify the key difference between addressing human resource performance issues in a US and in an EU context.

  2. Evaluate the pros and cons of alternative responses to a management dilemma.

  3. Recommend a course of action based on analysis of alternatives.

  4. Compare and contrast the manager-as-coach and the external coach models.

  5. Apply tools that are commonly used in the workplace for individual, team, and organization development.

  6. Apply information from a personal profile to assess potential implications in a management situation.