USOC Case (A)
USOC Case (B)

The United States Olympic Committee: Protecting Their Girls or The Gold?

Levy, Erica; Wellen, R.; and McKendree, A. (editor)
December 31, 2019
North America
Ethics & Social Justice, Human Resources & Organizational Behavior, Strategy & General Management
15 pages
Assault, #metoo, crisis, Communications, gymnastics
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Larry Nassar’s conviction of first-degree sexual misconduct with young girls in USA Gymnastics raised important questions about the efforts of the USOC and affiliated organizations to keep their athletes safe. The scope and duration of his abuse brings into question the execution of the International Olympic Committee’s values. 15 pp. (A) Case; 10 pp. (B) Case. Case #18-05 (2018)

Learning Outcomes: 
  1. To examine the impact of a highly publicized scandal on the reputation of a nonprofit organization;
  2. To discuss appropriate responses to a breach in trust in order to retain essential funding and regain stakeholders’ trust;
  3. To demonstrate the importance of consistency between an organization’s values and actions;
  4. To illustrate the relationship between current cultural movements and an organization’s appropriate response to current events.