Takata Airbags- A case overview in corporate social media apologies

Danica Schieber, Sam Houston State University
March 10, 2022
Strategy & General Management, Ethics & Social Justice
4 pages
critical thinking, decision making, crisis management, critical analysis, critical incident, Analysis, #corporate social responsibility, social media
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Takata airbags was one of the world’s leading airbag manufacturers, until airbags began to explode on impact. Due to malfunctioning airbag inflators, some Takata airbags would send shrapnel throughout the car on impact. After hundreds of people were injured and at least 16 people were killed by shrapnel from the Takata airbag disaster, many angry people took to social media to voice their concerns. After this tragedy, what written public apology would you recommend Takata compose for a 280 character tweet?

Learning Outcomes: 

1. Evaluate business communication strategies for using social media to respond to complaints.

2. Apply business communication strategies to write a professional corporate apology.

3. Create an appropriate and timely social media apology for the Takata corporation.