Sustainability Initiatives for Management Education: A Roadmap for Institutional Integration

Marco Tavanti, Alfredo Sfeir-Yunis, Elizabeth A. Wilp
September 28, 2022
North America
Strategy & General Management
32 pages
sustainability education, Responsible management, PRME, cura personalis, Jesuit tradition, Buddhist tradition
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What are the best ways to integrate sustainability concepts into higher education institutions and management education? Sustainability, global responsibility, and social innovations are increasingly accepted worldwide as part of a common agenda and international priority. Yet, higher education institutions and management programs are slow to institute these standards and value-based perspectives to help students change the world for our common and better future. This study reviews key international initiatives, resources, frameworks, and paradigms that can help speed up integration of sustainability in higher education institutions. It also provides suggestions to better integrate Ignatian pedagogy and Buddhist perspectives into management education. Based on these analyses, the authors present practical recommendations to integrate sustainability more effectively into management education and to help develop conscious sustainability leaders for the 21st century.