Stories, Context, and the Lived Experience of Black Entrepreneurs, Module II: Education, Social & Emotional Learning

William Romani
January 3, 2022
Ethics & Social Justice, Entrepreneurship
6 pages
mindfulness, Public Education, Self-care, Black Women, Design Thinking, Case Study, Oral History, racism, investments, Social Wealth Creation
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Students and teachers nationwide are returning to post-Covid classrooms with historically elevated levels of stress and anxiety.  Addressing this modern crisis in mental health can be a challenge in under-invested communities with teachers who are often ill-prepared to address the social and emotional wellness of their students and themselves.  The goals of this module are for students to apply pre-requisite knowledge and skills to understand the relationship between community and education investment and health outcomes for children and families.  Students should also reflect upon their role as human-centered investors prepared to engage community based companies and entrepreneurs as an empathetic ally in this work.  

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Learning Outcomes: 

After completing this module students should be able to…

1.      Understand the factors that have contributed to the historic decline in post-pandemic mental health for students and teachers

2.      Understand the cumulative impact of historical trauma experienced by students and teachers in Baltimore City schools.

3.      Identify the unmet social and emotional needs that many teachers and students from urban, suburban, and rural schools still experience and the impact they have on their ability to learn and teach.

4.      Compare and contrast the economic opportunities and long-term benefits that historically biased and racist mechanisms for providing access to capital have created for White and Black women entrepreneurs

5.      Identify the economic and non-economic metrics that could be used to evaluate the efficacy and outcomes  of the Infinite Focus Schools model of social and emotional learning on students, teachers, and communities. 

6.      Describe the benefits of using a human centered design process that allows teachers and students to impact the trajectory of Infinite Focus Schools and the mechanism by which they deliver social and emotional support content.  

7.      Describe the reflection and work necessary to insure that you are prepared to make the  most equitable and impactful types of investments for Black founders that are creating inclusive models of civic wealth creation.