Snider Fleet Solutions: Transforming a Culture to High Performance and Faith Focus

Jeff Cohu, Lipscomb University , Andy Borchers, Lipscomb University , Ray Eldridge, Lipscomb University
April 13, 2021
North America
Strategy & General Management
9 pages
Servant Leadership, transformational leadership, organizational trust, faith at work, organizational culture, corporate culture
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Snider Fleet Services is a medium sized firm that provided tire retreading, truck fleet services, off-road and industrial tires to customers in the Southeast United States. The case tells the story of James Vasquez, a plant manager of the Houston retread operation, brought in to overcome production shortfalls. James succeeded in turning around production while significantly lowering costs. Under his leadership the plant’s teamwork and communications dramatically improved. At the same time Snider underwent a cultural shift to a purpose driven, faith-based initiative known as t-Factor. The new culture and James’ leadership were tested when Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, shutting production down and interrupting employees’ lives. Students analyze his leadership approach in the context of servant and transformational leadership and organizational trust.

Learning Outcomes: 
  1. Identify examples of the principles of servant leadership (Huff, 2013) in the work of James Vasquez.
  2. Evaluate the presence of transformational leadership behaviors in the case narrative.
  3. Evaluate the role of a faith mission and culture in an organization’s performance.
  4. Evaluate how the leadership style and culture helped to produce higher levels of organizational trust among Snider’s Houston workers.