Ring Security CI

Ring security: Peace of mind vs. chilling nightmare

Kenneth J. Ramaley, Ramaley Group, Bradley W. Brooks, Queens University of Charlotte
January 19, 2021
North America
Marketing & Sales, Strategy & General Management
3 pages
reputation, Reputation Risk, Branding, reputation, Reputation Risk
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Ring, Inc., a subsidiary of Amazon, offered security products to enhance customer peace of mind. In December 2019, however, a chilling video went viral that showed an unidentified hacker observing an eight-year-old girl through a Ring camera while the girl was alone in her bedroom. The hacker, furthermore, spoke to the young girl through the Ring speaker. Additional videos quickly began appearing of Ring customers being victimized by hackers who observed them in the privacy of their own homes. For a product based on selling security, such encounters could have been devastating for Ring.

Learning Outcomes: 
  1. Identify product attributes and their influence within a consumer decision process
  2. Evaluate the effects of security breaches on a consumer security company’s branding based on Aaker’s theories of brand assets and brand liabilities
  3. Evaluate organizational motives behind company statements when the company is responding to a controversy
  4. Recommend a set of strategies for a consumer security company that has suffered from cyber-security breaches