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Rebranding Downtown Fletcher: A Case of Strategic Marketing for a Non-Profit Organization

Mary C. Martin, Jill D. Moeder, Michael J. Martin, Henry Schwaller, IV, Stacey Smith
November 1, 2016
North America
Strategy & General Management, Marketing & Sales
20 pages
strategic marketing, Branding, Positioning, non-profit organization, marketing
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The Downtown Development Corporation (DDC) in Fletcher, NE was a non-profit organization that organized events in downtown Fletcher, a small community that underwent a downtown revitalization. The DDC hired consultants to develop a marketing and branding plan for downtown Fletcher and the plan was received well by the DDC Board. However, shortly after, a city commissioner publicly questioned the organization’s mission and activities resulting in public scrutiny of the DDC. The DDC was asked to make a presentation to the commissioners in order to justify its existence and receive funding for the next year. They were successful in securing funding, but it was months since the consultants presented their plan and the DDC had done nothing. The executive director wondered, “How should the DDC proceed with the plan? Would it help convince the city to continue to fund the DDC? Would community members support the new brand and continued funding? If we lose city funding and community support, will we have to dissolve the organization?”

Learning Outcomes: 
  1. Analyze a situation and generate a SWOT analysis
  2. Develop a positioning statement for a non-profit organization considering the perceptions of the organization by multiple stakeholders
  3. Evaluate a marketing and branding process conducted by consultants for a non-profit organization
  4. Analyze the marketing and branding challenges non-profit organizations face and evaluate the marketing and branding initiatives of a non-profit organization
  5. Recommend courses of action for a non-profit organization in terms of its future, positioning, and branding; recommend branding tactics by applying the Customer-Based Brand Equity Model