PLS-SEM statistics with SmartPLS 4

Dr. Nicolas Lorgnier, Dr. Ashley Stadler Blank
October 3, 2023
North America
Marketing & Sales
10 pages
Sustainable Development Goals, Marketing Research, Marketing Analytics, sustainability, Social Justice, Consumer Perception
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Videos illustrating the statistical methods (partial least square structural equation modeling - PLS-SEM) used in the article to assess the validity and reliability of two scales measuring the SDGs.

Topics covered include:

  • Assessment of measurement models in PLS-SEM:
    • First-order reflective constructs,
    • First and second-order formative constructs,
  • Assessment of structural models in PLS-SEM:
    • Basic assessments of structural models,
    • Multi-group moderation,
    • Multiple mediations,
  • Importance-performance map analysis in PLS-SEM.

Watch Videos

1 Intro PLS-SEM UN SDGs SmartPLS4

2 Getting started with SmartPLS4 - SDGs - PLS-SEM

3 Measurement of reflective constructs - SDGs - SmartPLS4

4 Measurement formative model PLS-SEM - SmartPLS4 - SDGs

5 Measurement of formative formative 2nd order construct - PLS-SEM - SmartP

6 MICOM Measurement Invariance of Composites - PLS-SEM SmartPLS4 SDGs

Importance Performance Map Analysis

Inner models assessment iin SmartPLS4 - example with SDG_short

Inner models assessment in SmartPLS4 example with SDG Long

Model Comparisons with Bayesian Information Criterion BIC