No Love for Mac & Cheese

Joyce A. Young, Indiana State University, Adiba Fattah, University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia, Faye S. McIntyre, University of West Georgia
March 10, 2022
Strategy & General Management, Accounting & Finance
3 pages
critical thinking, critical incident, crisis managemnt, management, law, lawsuit, decision making
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Elizabeth Torres glared at the documents from the Phillips, Cantor and Shalek law firm. She had stated in an email to several individuals that I Heart Mac & Cheese was a scam. The Mac and Cheese Franchise Group (MCFG) had now sued her for loss of reputation and goodwill and asked for unspecified monetary damages (Ewen, 2020b). The company also pursued payment from Torres and her partner, Cory Attardo, for loan default involving their two closed I Heart Mac and Cheese franchised locations (Mac and Cheese Franchise Group, LLC v Elizabeth Torres and Cory Attardo, 2020). She had 20 days to respond.

Learning Outcomes: 

1. Discuss the nature of business format franchising

2. Identify typical franchise obligations for a franchisor and franchisee

3. Discuss potential causes of conflict involving parties in a franchise system

4. Understand and discuss various legal concepts depicted in a conflictual franchisor-franchisee relationship

5. Select and defend a course of action to resolve a legal dispute between franchise parties