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A New Paradigm for Introductory Accounting Education at Jesuit Business Schools

Joan Lee
August 4, 2021
Africa, Asia - Pacific, Europe, Latin & South America, North America
Accounting & Finance
5 pages
Accounting, Inspirational Paradigm, CJBE, JJBE, Jesuit, jesuit values, jesuit values, Higher Education
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In response to calls from leaders in Jesuit business education, Accounting faculty from across the globe have joined to reimagine introductory Accounting courses. Accounting is somewhat unique in addressing this call given that the curricula in Accounting programs are required to meet various professional licensing regulations. In addition, there are two distinct approaches to Accounting principles globally, US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Together, these issues mean that a single global curriculum is not possible. Accordingly, the revised introductory Accounting course included below is presented in a modular fashion so as to allow individual educators to embrace the ideals of the New Paradigm, while continuing to meet the requirements of the various professional regulatory authorities in their jurisdictions.