New Paradigm for Business Education

The LPO Team at Fordham
September 28, 2021
Strategy & General Management
10 pages
business, management, good management, Magis, self-reflection, self-awareness, mindfulness
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In Principles of Management, you will learn about why good management is critical for successful people, teams, organizations, and societies.

This unique course centers all around the concept of excellence or, what the Jesuits term magis. This is the idea that, through self-reflection, we can aspire to always do more and do better for the common good in order to achieve human flourishing in business and society writ large.

Although intelligence and technical skills are certainly important for good leadership, being an excellent leader requires more than these skills alone. A significant determinant of leadership effectiveness is understanding how people (including ourselves) work. 

Therefore, this class is designed to introduce you to the principles of management as both a body of knowledge and a personal practice. You will deepen your knowledge about organizational behavior, and you will learn what you can do personally to improve your own effectiveness as a teammate, employee, and leader. 

An overarching theme of the course is self-awareness. Throughout the entire course, you will engage in self-reflection, mindfulness practices, and interactive teamwork in order to become an effective change agent in your journey to human excellence.