The National Collegiate Athletic Association: Is “One and Done” Both Legal and Moral?

Kase, M.; Nolan, C.; and J.S. O’Rourke (Editor)
December 31, 2019
North America
Ethics & Social Justice, Strategy & General Management
8 pages
college athletics, Higher Education, sports, athletics
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Since 2005, the nation’s top-ranked high school basketball prospects (and future NBA players) have been forced to delay their NBA draft declarations by one year. The “One-and-Done” rule has faced harsh scrutiny for a number of reasons, and recent corruption in the college basketball world has only intensified the issue. This case explores the history of the rule, how it has affected young athletes, and whether it is the best solution for athletes and institutions of higher learning. 8 pp. Case #19-13. (2019)

Learning Outcomes: 
  1. To highlight the conflicts that have materialized as a result of the NCAA being subjected to the one-and-done rule by the NBA and NBPA;
  2. To understand whether this rule is beneficial for athletes;
  3. To understand whether this rule is beneficial for universities;
  4. To explain top prospects’ alternative options and their potential benefits;
  5. To develop an opinion on what would be best for the NCAA and the NBA moving forward.