Mr. Peanut Case

Mr. Peanut, The Oldest Legume, Turns 100: How Much Longer Can This Centurion Survive?

Jane Boyd Thomas, Winthrop University, Cara Peters, Winthrop University, Keith Robbins, Winthrop University
January 12, 2021
North America
Marketing & Sales
12 pages
brand characters, brand love, brand revitalization, marketing strategy
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Mr. Peanut was 100 years old and one of the oldest brand characters in the market place. Despite his advanced age, many consumers recognized and loved the dapperly dressed legume and some had been long term, loyal followers. Peter Cotter, brand manager at The Kraft Heinz Company, wondered if a legume, wearing a top hat and monocle, was still a relatable brand character and how to keep the Planter’s brand relevant. There had been a lot of conflicting information sur- rounding the health benefits and increased allergies to nuts. Mr. Cotter reviewed the history of Mr. Peanut, other centurion brands, and the company’s recent marketing strategies. He needed to strengthen the love for the brand and its brand character, Mr. Peanut, but he was unsure what could be done.

Learning Outcomes: 
  1. Describe the concept of brand love in the context of Mr. Peanut
  2. Apply a framework for success factors in creating a brand character
  3. Compare and contrast the success factors of different brand characters
  4. Develop a strategy for changing negative attitudes towards a product
  5. Construct a plan for developing and maintaining a brand character over time