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Men and Women For and With Others: Enhancing the Application of a Jesuit Ideal with Concepts from Social Marketing

Karl C. Alorbi
July 1, 2016
North America
Ethics & Social Justice
4 pages
Marketing, Ethics, Jesuit Ideals, Arrupe
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This paper contributes to Father Pedro Arrupe’s (1973) call to the Jesuit educational apostolate to consider new analytical tools and approaches to help dismantle social injustice in our world. It also responds to Father Adolfo Nicolas’ (2010) address in Mexico City calling on us to reimagine Jesuit education. The paper argues that ideas and tools from social marketing should be carefully assessed, cleansed of their stigma and adopted to enhance our ‘counter attack against injustice.’ Speci cally it calls for the adoption of social marketing activities and research, as well as marketing tools like consumer research, the marketing mix, advocacy, and ethical lobbying, in our effort to be men and women for and with others.