A Matter of Being: Developing Sustainability-minded Leaders

Isabel Rimanoczy
January 1, 2014
Africa, Asia - Pacific, Europe, Latin & South America, North America
Ethics & Social Justice
28 pages
Social Impact, environmental impact, sustainability, sustainability initiatives, sustainability-minded leaders
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In a world that is in need of more individuals acting with the social and environmental impact of their decisions in mind, what would it take to develop sustainability-minded leaders? This article shares the findings of a qualitative descriptive exploratory study where 16 leaders championing sustainability initiatives were interviewed in order to learn from them, understand what information played a role in their actions, how they thought, and what motivated or inspired them to act in a “business-as-unusual” way. In this article, the results of the original study are briefly summarized, and new findings related to the particular role spirituality played for these business leaders are presented. Following the innovative approach of this journal in addressing the question “now what?”, this author then provides suggestions for adult educators, corporate trainers, and coaches on how they could develop the sustainability mindset by incorporating activities that engage the higher self of the audience.