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Marketing Planning for Social Entrepreneurial Organizations in the Contextof Subsistence Marketplace: A Pedagogical Reflection for Marketing Education in Jesuit Business Schools

Nicholas J. C. Santos, S.J., Ph.D. and Tina M. Facca-Miess, Ph.D.
July 1, 2014
North America
Marketing & Sales, Ethics & Social Justice, Entrepreneurship
15 pages
Marketing, Entrepeneurship, Jesuit Values
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Marketing education in Jesuit business schools, as in most other business schools, is mainly oriented towards traditional for-profit business enterprises. Over the last decade interest has grown in the field of social entrepreneurship and in the management of social entrepreneurial organizations (SEOs). By including an emphasis on SEOs, with their primary focus on social and environmental impact, Jesuit business schools can reposition themselves in a way that places considerable emphasis on social and ecological concerns. Such an orientation is in keeping with the Jesuit tradition particularly as articulated in the last few general congregations of the Jesuits. A primary question that we explore is: does marketing planning for SEOs, especially those that operate in the context of subsistence marketplaces, differ from that of traditional for-profit business enterprises? If so, how might Jesuit business education, specifically with regard to marketing education, be modified so as to also apply to SEOs? Further, how does our identity as Catholic, Jesuit institu- tions influence our offering and distinguish it from that offered at secular institutions?