The Management for Global Sustainability Opportunity: Integrating Responsibility, Sustainability, and Spirituality

Robert Sroufe, Joseph F Mària SJ
September 28, 2022
North America
Inspirational Paradigm for Jesuit Business Education
24 pages
responsibility, sustainability, spirituality, Theory U, Jesuit tradition, management education
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This study reflects the necessity to incorporate spirituality into business practices while building on a foundation of responsibility and sustainability. The articulation between these three practices is necessary to respond to the three fundamental divides or wounds that our present world lives on: the wounds between the person and society; between the person and nature; and between the person and the best version of themselves. The Research Question guiding this paper is: How can responsibility sustainability and spirituality be understood and interconnected to address, from a Management perspective, the three fundamental wounds of our world? We answer it by comparing two conceptual worlds: Theory U, and the Jesuit Tradition. After presenting both conceptual worlds and comparing them, we discuss how they contribute to a better understanding of the relationships between responsibility, sustainability, and spirituality. We then propose practical implications for Management Education.