A-LIST Business Education

Julian Saint Clair & Mitchell Hamilton
October 12, 2021
Strategy & General Management
10 pages
Applied Learning in Societal Transformation, A-LIST, consumer culture, Social Impact, marketing, Communications, strategy, Interdisciplinary Foundational and Capstone, business, organizational management, modules
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Founded in 2018, the Applied Learning in Societal Transformation (A-LIST) educational pathway focuses on helping changemakers understand diverse consumer cultures and promote inclusive societal change through business. A-LIST uniquely combines a triple-bottom-line philosophy, custom-built curriculum on intersectional consumer culture and social impact business, and hands-on experiential learning through live consulting projects with tri-sector industry partners. Learn more on the A-LIST website here:

About this Curriculum Package
The topics in this package may work best for courses in Marketing, Communications, or Strategy, as well as Interdisciplinary Foundational and Capstone courses in business or organizational management. The curriculum is organized along a suggested sequence of modules as depicted in the Curriculum Map. However, the topics covered were collated from multiple courses and may easily be re-arranged. It is our intention to provide materials that educators may make their own and adapt to their liking. Each module itself may be covered across 1 or more weeks of instruction. There is likely enough content in this package for 3-6 credit hours’ worth of course work, depending on how the course is designed.