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Kim Hamel and Her 90-Day Plan

Dawn E. Chandler, Steven Cox
January 1, 2016
North America
Ethics & Social Justice
3 pages
career transitions, leadership, gender, power, influence
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This critical incident about a senior-ranking female in law enforcement focuses on a decision about whether to create a formal, 90-day plan during a career transition, or take things day-by-day as a means to positively impact her police department. It affords students an opportunity to think about the importance of first impressions in a role, leadership styles, social capital as a career asset, gender barriers to advancement (particularly in law enforcement), and managing a career transition effectively. The critical incident discusses the protagonist’s career history in law enforcement, the strengths that helped her succeed, and the challenges and opportunities her department faced that could serve as a basis for 90-day plan goals and associated actions. Students have the opportunity to develop 90-day plans for positions of their choosing based on learning gained from the critical incident.

Learning Outcomes: 
  1. Describe the importance of actions taken during a role transition on later ability to succeed in that role
  2. Create a role transition plan that includes considerations such as leadership approach, relationship building and management, gender issues, learning, and gaining power and influence
  3. Identify and account for gender barriers and challenges in a 90-day plan
  4. Tailor a 90-day plan for a position of interest to them.