Kakenya Case Study

Kakenya’s Dream: Creating Global Change through Social Entrepreneurship and Tempered Radical Leadership

Gloria Onosu, Georgia State University, Audrey Murrell, University of Pittsburgh, Bryan Schultz, University of Pittsburgh, Jennifer Petrie-Wyman, University of Pittsburgh
December 19, 2022
North America
Entrepreneurship, Strategy & General Management, Operations
9 pages
nonprofit, Tempered Radicalism, Social Entrepreneurship, leadership, stakeholder, Education
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Working in a patriarchal society where girls are considered lower in status and have little or no opportunity to be educated, the Kakenya’s Dream Foundation faces an obstacle to providing education for girls. Dr. Kakenya Ntaiya, Founder and President of Kakenya’s Dream Foundation, started Kakenya’s Dream Foundation, a non-government organization to support and manage three initiatives that advance girls’ education in the Maasai Community in Kenya. These programs include the Kakenya Centre for Excellence (KCE), the Network for Excellence, and Health and Leadership Training. In 2018, Kakenya’s Dream Foundation decided to expand its school facility to accommodate more students based on the success of the KCE in the community. Because of an existing tradition that restricts women from owning land, the Kakenya’s Dream Foundation cannot acquire the land in the community it needs for expansion without the full approval of the community elders. 

Learning Outcomes: 

After reading this case, the students should be able to:

1. Discuss the concept of social entrepreneurship and how it differs from commercial entrepreneurship.

2. Explore the connection between social entrepreneurship and creating social change.

3. Examine the concept of “tempered radicalism” as a leadership approach to social change, social responsibility, and change management.

4. Evaluate the various tools and strategies employed by tempered radical leaders in managing change in organizations.

5. Analyze the dynamics and challenges of social enterprise.