Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder Case (A)
Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder Case (B)

Johnson & Johnson: A Crisis Over Baby Powder

Mastrocinque, N.; Beyer, C.; Gunasekara, N.; and O’Rourke, J. S. (editor)
December 31, 2019
North America
Ethics & Social Justice, Strategy & General Management
17 pages
Product Safety, crisis, Company Mission, negative press, corporate communication
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On July 12, 2018, a jury in St. Louis, Missouri, awarded $4.6 billion in damages to plaintiffs in a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson over claims its baby powder caused ovarian cancer. This case examines three major lawsuits, Johnson & Johnson’s liability, and the company’s strategy for the future. 17 pp. Case #19-16 (2019)

Learning Outcomes: 
  1. To highlight how a company’s product may unintentionally harm the consumers it intends to benefit.
  2. To provide an illustration of the importance of transparency in corporate communications and product marketing.
  3. To provide an example of how a large and complex organization may adjust its approach to issues management and problem-solving over time.
  4. To encourage discussion about the importance of considering business and legal alternatives.