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Jacks, Jills, and the Buffalo Bills: Sexism and Unfair Employment Practices in the Workplace

LaCalvince Demor Simpson
December 31, 2018
North America
Ethics & Social Justice, Human Resources & Organizational Behavior
3 pages
employment violations, negotitation, Business Ethics, social responsibility, sexual harassment, organizational culture
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For the past 48 years, the Jills (Buffalo Bills Cheerleaders) were an important part of the Bills organization, entertaining fans both on and off the playing field. Recognized for their high spirit, dedication, and humanitarian nature, they had become a favorite for the city of Buffalo, New York. In 2014, the Jills joined a growing list of NFL cheerleaders filing lawsuits focused on non-sufficient wages and sexism in the workplace. Rather than paying the Jills a fair wage and providing a non-objectified work environment, Buffalo Bills management disbanded the cheerleading team. Should the Bills reconsider their stance and reinstate the Jills? Will the Bills adopt a positive work environment free from all forms of harassment? Should a regulated pay scale for cheerleaders be implemented in the NFL? If so, what steps need to be taken?

Learning Outcomes: 
  • Appraise the elements of contract formation
  • Describe the elements necessary to create a negotiable instrument
  • Compare and contrast business ethics with social responsibility
  • Describe the various laws related to equal employment opportunity