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An International Social-Marketing Strategy For A Non-Profit Organization: Determining The Path For Continued Success?

Enda McGovern, Ph.D., Sacred Heart University
March 15, 2012
North America
Marketing & Sales
17 pages
Non-profit, social marketing, business and society
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Co-operation Ireland (COI) was founded in 1979 to advocate for peace and reconciliation between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The Good Friday Peace Treaty was signed in 1998 and the widespread violence in Northern Ireland began to diminish. A total of 55 security-related deaths were recorded in 1998. In 2010 this figure dropped to 1 security-related recorded death and this reduction was viewed as a sign of quieter and more peaceful times in Northern Ireland. While COI primarily raised funds across the British Isles, COI opened a satellite office in New York to expand into the US market in 1995. The prime objective of this office was to raise awareness of COI and to gain access to the funding available across the US. Initially this proved to be a very successful venture, but in recent years raising funds became more difficult as part of the overall economic challenges facing the U. S. People suggested that ‘donation fatigue’ had crept into the COI message and Americans believed that peace had been accomplished. The question was being asked: should New York continue to operate as they had since 1995? Or should they leverage their brand identity and approach other charitable organizations to create partnerships and share platforms? The COI Executive Board had an important decision to make in resolving the direction of COI in the U. S. and the future of the New York office.

Learning Outcomes: 
  1. Justify how imagery can play an important role in a non-profit’s ability to promote its cause and generate revenues.
  2. Discover how a SWOT analysis undertaken for the COI operation, based in the US, can help decision makers better comprehend the issues in play.
  3. Interpret the circumstances in which non-profits should consider international expansion.
  4. Develop an understanding of how a nonprofit utilizes segmentation to identify and target key audiences in the US.
  5. Analyze how important is networking through partnerships to the fundraising efforts of non-profits.

This is a decision case that may be used in non-profit marketing, social marketing, services marketing and international marketing