Humanistic Management Analytics Module

Baniyelme D. Zoogah & Thilini Ariyachandra
September 21, 2021
Strategy & General Management
7 pages
Decision-Making, Humanistic Management Analytics, reflection, humanistic management, human resources, information systems, BUILDERS, dashboard, USERS
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The overall goal of these teaching modules are to introduce students to humanistic management and specifically the use of analytics in humanistic management. This series of modules to be used in a collaboration between Human Resources and Information Systems Department faculty members. Two classes that address HR and Analytics within the context of humanistic management (HM) will find this series of Modules useful.

Students from the IS course can act as BUILDERS of a Humanistic Management Analytics (HMA) dashboard that is designed based on the requirements identified by students (i.e., USERS) in the HR course. The project primarily involves stages as presented in the figure 1 below. The figure describes how the students in each course (i.e., USERS and BUILDERS) work through the material in the creation of a HMA dashboard.

If planned ahead, in-person interactions can be facilitated between students in the exchange of requirements to build the dashboard as well as the final dashboard delivery. Or the two instructors can coordinate the exchange of information between the BUILDERS and the USERS groups. The modules in the course currently show how the instructors can coordinate the exchange of information (the instructions for the coordination are highlighted in green). 

If you would like to download this entire course as a Canvas file, please follow this link: hma-modules-export.imscc