Growing Good Business with Leith Sharp, Former Director of Executive Education for Sustainability Leadership at Harvard University

Leith Sharp
July 10, 2023
North America
Strategy & General Management, Operations, Entrepreneurship
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Inspirational Paradigm for Jesuit Business Education, Growing Good Business, podcast, change leadership, Hierarchy
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How do you change a large, hierarchical organization from within? In this episode, Harvard’s Leith Sharp shares the secret to transforming your business into a purpose-driven organization, aligned with sustainability. Based on her popular class, this conversation will provide a roadmap for aspiring change agents and veteran business leaders alike.


About the Series:

Growing Good Business is a podcast showcasing forward-thinking business leaders who are re-creating the business paradigm to honor humanity and our planet’s life support systems. In each episode, we interview a business trailblazer to uncover how they went beyond philanthropy and traditional notions of corporate social responsibility to fundamentally re-examine their corporate practices, aligning them with the principles of social and environmental sustainability. Counterintuitively, these leaders financially outperform their peers and show us how we can succeed in business by cultivating a world that works for everyone. Hosted by Nathan Havey and Abby Schneider and recorded before a live audience, Growing Good Business is a collaboration between the Institute for Corporate Transformation and Regis University’s Sustainable Economic and Enterprise Development (SEED) Institute.

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