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Friendly Laser: Can We Boost Sales?

Alla Dementieva, Olga Kandinskaia, Olga Khotyasheva
December 31, 2018
Marketing & Sales
3 pages
marketing, push and pull, B2B, B2C, Russian Market
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This critical incident is about a strategic marketing decision. Andrew, the young marketing director of Dobry Svet (“Friendly Light”), faced a tough dilemma: how to provide further expansion of the Moscow-based business. Dobry Svet had been assembling and selling medical lasers in the Russian market since 2000. All component parts were supplied by Aerolase, U.S. Aerolase was successful in the U.S. due to the portability and low prices of its advanced technology products. Annual sales in Russia in 2012 were 65 lasers—the same total the company had attained in each of the previous ten years. For 2013, Dobry Svet set a new goal: to achieve sales of 120 units of laser systems by the end of the year. This critical incident provides an opportunity to analyze the use of “push and pull” strategies, including the added challenges of “pulling” demand in an emerging market which is very different from U.S. or other developed markets.

Learning Outcomes: 
  • Demonstrate a comprehension of “push and pull” promotion strategies
  • Distinguish between B2B and B2C marketing, and explain how these apply to this critical incident
  • Identify the market challenges the company is facing, focusing on the specifics of the demand in the local market
  • Develop a new marketing program to meet the new business goals, critique the market potential, and evaluate the newly set sales target