Epic Battle Case

The Epic Battle of Protein Beverages

Jonathan Ochoa, Purdue University Northwest, Claudia C. Mich, Purdue University Northwest, Ceren Ekebas-Turedi, Purdue University Northwest, Matthew Shell, Purdue University Northwest
January 11, 2021
North America
Marketing & Sales, Strategy & General Management
16 pages
new product development, marketing strategy, Targeting, problem identification, Positioning
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Epitomax Nutrition (EN), the sports nutrition market leader, is faced with both an opportunity and a challenge. How can the company take advantage of the rapidly growing market for a water-based protein drink without cannibalizing existing product offerings? Jonathan Shell, Brand Manager of Protein Powder at EN, has been tasked with analyzing the consumer markets, competitor offerings, and product costs in order to propose a viable water-based protein drink innovation to upper-level management. Jonathan must forecast revenue while keeping in mind the company goal of 18% contribution margin on any new innovation as well as carefully position the new product so that it does not cannibalize existing brands.

Learning Outcomes: 
  1. Lay out a strategic plan for analysis and decision-making.
  2. Analyze the new market opportunity, the competitive landscape, and the viability of a new product introduction.
  3. Identify and defend the target market and new product option chosen, evaluating the fit between the two and the product’s strategic position in relation to competing products.
  4. Forecast the first and second-year revenue for product options to determine which new product innovation best fits the target market and provides the greatest potential for profitability success.
  5. Propose a marketing mix (4 P’s) implementation that aligns with previous decisions.