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Ending Homelessness in Kansas City

Michael J. Stellern, Rockhurst University, Kelly A. Phipps, Rockhurst University
March 15, 2012
North America
Economics, Ethics & Social Justice
15 pages
homeless, public policy, Economics, Denver Road Home, non-profit leadership
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Charles German was recently elected as Chair of the Homelessness Task Force for Kansas City. Kansas City currently had no strategy for dealing with the homeless. The task force studied the approach taken by Jamie Van Leeuwen, Ph. D. who led the city of Denver to address the challenge of the homeless with its Denver’s Road Home. The study analyzed the costs of allowing homeless people to remain on the streets, as compared to pursuing a strategy that would provide them some assistance. A survey of the homeless was administered for the Kansas City area, and now German had to put together a plan for dealing with homelessness in Kansas City.

Learning Outcomes: 
  1. Think critically about society’s obligation to the homeless.
  2. Understand the diverse causes and circumstances of homelessness.
  3. Critique the key elements of a successful program to reduce homelessness.
  4. Analyze how social capital and issue framing could assist those working to address homelessness.