Case Study

Divided Ink

Eric Nelson, University of Central Missouri, Teara Perry, University of Central Missouri, Andrea Dieckman, University of Central Missouri
December 1, 2022
North America
Strategy & General Management, Human Resources & Organizational Behavior
3 pages
leadership, accountability, credibility, Conflict Resolution
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Sarah started working at Icon Tattooing & Piercings to earn her license in piercing, a process that typically takes anywhere from 6 months to a year; however, the process took nearly 4 years. Now that she has obtained her license, Sarah is unsure of her next steps. She has grown to love her work, is respected by her coworkers and feels indebted to the owners for the experience. The shop has suffered a downturn in business and artists feel pressured to illegally serve underage patrons, resulting in an increasingly hostile work environment. Sarah does not want to give the impression she is ungrateful for the experience gained at Icon, but things cannot continue in the current manner. How should she approach the owners so that they know she cares about Icon, but be firm about her values? Students examine a relatively common problem: how to lead your boss.

This critical incident is a decision incident. It asks students to examine a relatively common problem: how to lead your boss.

Learning Outcomes: 

After reading and studying this critical incident students should be able to:

●  Lead superiors using personal values. (DQ 1)

●  Build leadership credibility through emotional intelligence. (DQ 2)

●  Resolve conflict using non-violent communication. (DQ3)