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Change Management at Mars Publishing House

Jacinto C. Gavino, Edwin J. Portugal, Daisy T. Briones
May 1, 2014
North America
Strategy & General Management
15 pages
Project management, change management, management, enterprise resource planning, resource management
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The case is about the challenge presented to Dennis Marasigan, an IT manager of Mars Publishing House. He was given the task to lead and manage a 10-month Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation project. The company experienced a dip in sales and increase in receivables despite exponential growth in previous years. The ERP system had always been a key to their success. It was critical in sustaining the growth momentum. This case shows how Dennis changed the overall mood of the organization towards a new ERP implementation from resistance and indifference to cooperation.

Learning Outcomes: 
  1. To help oneself or other people recognize, identify, and verbalize their feelings and reasons for resisting change.
  2. To prioritize which stakeholder to deal with by identifying who has more power and influence over other stakeholders.
  3. To reinforce other people’s conviction in favor of change by getting buy-in.
  4. To select members that will be part of a high-performing cross-functional team.
  5. To devise a system for tracking progress vis-à-vis objectives of a change program.
  6. To sustain momentum for change.