Capstone Module: Leadership, Values and Self-Knowledge

Maika Valencia-Silva, PhD, Josep F. Mària, SJ, PhD.
July 9, 2024
Strategy & General Management
8 pages
capstone, Business Administration, leadership, self-awareness, Professional Reflection
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The "Capstone Module: Leadership, Values, and Self-Knowledge" provides a unique space for students to reflect on the professional and personal challenges faced by managers throughout their careers. This reflection is facilitated through both group and individual activities, focusing on exercises in psychology, values, and self-awareness.

This course is a crucial component of the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program at Esade, as it is one of the few courses that uniquely addresses the development of managers as individuals. Offered in the final year, after students complete their internships, the course enables them to integrate their professional experiences with the course content, fostering deeper reflection and insight.

The learning outcomes for students include:

  • Identifying the executive and professional challenges they will face in their careers.

  • Recognizing self-knowledge as a key tool in their professional and personal development.

  • Developing sensitivity to their own values and underlying motivations in business and organizational contexts.

Competencies developed include understanding and appreciating diversity, self-awareness, and recognizing their personal impact on society.

The video below offers an overview of the course, including insights from students, faculty, group session facilitators, and workshop leaders from the Inner-Life Workshops. Additionally, the Capstone syllabus for this mandatory course in the Esade’s BBA program is attached.