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Sondra Simpson
January 1, 2015
North America
Strategy & General Management
3 pages
management, Performance Management, PADIL, PADIL decision making, Conflict Management, Communication
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Laura, area supervisor for a large swimming pool management company that dealt primarily with private community pools, received a call one night from the president of a homeowners’ association regarding its pool. Recently promoted that summer, Laura supervised nine pools and roughly seventy lifeguards. Midway through the summer season, things were good despite being understaffed for lifeguards. Then two guards used their company keys to access the pool after hours to allow themselves and a group of ten friends to swim. The president of the community’s homeowners’ association discovered the group sometime after 10 p.m. The police were not involved despite the trespassing violation as one of the girls lived in the community. Company policy stated that employees were allowed in the pool facilities only during their scheduled shifts. Their performance prior to this had been adequate, not outstanding. The president wanted immediate action. What should Laura do?

Learning Outcomes: 
  1. Evaluate the situation using knowledge of managerial concepts to help effectively manage the situation
  2. Recognize the implications of the management’s response to the current situation in relation to possible future incidents
  3. Determine the importance of effective communication in expressing and upholding company expectations and policies
  4. Demonstrate an understanding and ability to communicate with different levels of personnel within a company



I think this case can create a lot of conversation and bring out many peoples styles of leadership. It allows a background that people could relate to which makes it an even better case.


I really enjoyed this case mainly because I could relate to it. The main character was close to my age and was in a situation that I could easily put myself in. The length of this case was perfect, maybe a little bit too short, but it was an easy read that allowed me to focus more on the analysis than the number of pages. The conflict was simple, but the resolve is debatable and made for a good conversation about what was the right or wrong way to go about it. I gave 4 and not 5 stars because I felt the case lacked a bit of detail in regard to what Laura's esponsibilities were, and how the members of the homeowner's association felt about the severity of the situation, because ultimately they are the paying customers.


I liked this case a lot because I thought that I could relate to it and most kids could or know someone that could. I agree that they should've added more detail and maybe the conclusion as to what happened in the ending. 


I liked the subject matter of this case, however I thought it was a little too short. I could have used more details about the contract/agreement between the homeowners' association and the pool company where Laura works. I also would have liked to know more about the lifeguards access to the pool (did they have keys?), and maybe how past situations like this one had been handled.