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Bolstering the Booster Club

JoAnn L. Atkin, Michael McCardle
January 1, 2016
North America
Marketing & Sales
3 pages
marketing, Non-profit, product offering, Integrated Marketing Communication, Fundraising
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Dennis Chandler, the incoming president of the Blue Line Hockey Booster Club (BLC) faced a challenging situation. The BLC’s mission was to offer financial and spirit-based support to the university’s D1 hockey team, which included activities such as supplying nutritional drinks for the team and organizing and hosting the end-of-season team banquet and awards ceremony. However, membership had fallen to its lowest levels in five years and the average age of club members was steadily increasing past 50 years of age. Dennis knew that to stay relevant, the club needed to think differently about its membership offerings and develop new marketing strategies to attract and recruit a younger generation of hockey fans. One likely target: the students on campus. But how could he strike a balance between attracting new, younger members without alienating the current, older ones?

Learning Outcomes: 
  1. Identify the core customer value associated with a product
  2. Analyze and redesign a current product offering
  3. Develop a positioning statement
  4. Design a marketing communication plan to reach a specific target audience