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Beans N’ Cream Coffeehouse…And More?

Darlene Jaffke, DBA, Lake Forest College
March 15, 2012
North America
Entrepreneurship, Marketing & Sales, Strategy & General Management
9 pages
entrepreneurship, Expansion, target market, Customer Service, marketing strategy, marketing tactics
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This case involves an entrepreneurial company’s decision on whether to expand or not expand due to over-crowding issues at their current location. Caroline McCourt and Beth Mielcarek started their Sun Prairie coffeehouse initially as more of a hobby, “a comfortable 3rd spot” for their regular customers. The offerings included not only coffee and specialty drinks but also a breakfast and lunch menu in a comfortable relaxing atmosphere. Operating in a mid-sized (20,000 population) Midwestern town experiencing significant growth, sales have steadily increased over the past 6 years. As the popularity of the shop increased, long lines and a crowded atmosphere have detracted from the favorable ambience of the shop. This case places students in the position of owner of an entrepreneurial company contemplating expansion alternatives with the goal of satisfying customer needs.

Learning Outcomes: 
  1. Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of additional factors that should be considered and applied to solving the challenges of Beans ‘n Cream.
  2. Complete an analysis with the identification of several viable alternatives.
  3. Evaluate and recommend a solution to the over-crowding issue at Beans ‘n Cream