Automotive Expert: Manager Vacancy

Adam Hayes, Idaho State University, Robert W. Lion, Idaho State University, Dennis Krumwiede, Idaho State University, Alexander R. Bolinger, Idaho State University
November 1, 2017
North America
Human Resources & Organizational Behavior, Strategy & General Management
8 pages
Hiring, Selection, leadership, PrOACT, decision making
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This decision case describes the challenge facing Isaac, the general manager of Automotive Expert, an auto parts chain with stores scattered throughout the state of Ohio. The manager of the Automotive Expert location in Medina, Ohio was leaving and Isaac had to decide who to select as a replacement manager from a list of eight leading candidates, both internal (i.e., employees at other Automotive Expert locations) and external. The case provides a detailed description of each of the eight candidates, based on the information that Isaac had available at the time of decision, and students have the opportunity to put themselves in the shoes of Isaac to select a manager and defend their decision.

Learning Outcomes: 
  1. Apply human resource theories and best practices to address the hiring dilemma.
  2. Identify and compare leadership styles and the possible implications they could have on the selection process.
  3. Analyze a decision problem using the PrOACT model and consequence tables.
  4. Generate ideas for additional dimensions of selection decisions that decision-makers may fail to consider.
  5. Identify the behavioral and performance related items that may affect staff and company success.

Application: This case illustrates issues related to human resource management and the selection process, leadership and managerial accountability, and decision making. This case is appropriate for upper-level undergraduate and graduate courses in organizational behavior, leadership, and organizational development.