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Absolut Vodka's First Limited Edition for Chinese Consumers

Yifu Lu, Craig Davis
May 1, 2014
Marketing & Sales
10 pages
marketing, global marketing, international marketing, International Business, Advertising, digital communication
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This descriptive case requires students to consider Absolut Vodka’s limited edition product launch in the Chinese market. The Absolut Vodka brand had gained fame throughout the world in the artist, fashion and music community for its creativity and collaboration. As an imported premium spirit brand to China, unlike Russian brands, of which geographic origin could be a selling point, executives were not able to position Absolute as an original Swedish product. Therefore, executives decided to focus less on the product benefit and appeal more to the consumer and its unique culture.

Learning Outcomes: 
  1. Describe the unique characteristics of Chinese consumers
  2. Analyze the marketing decision to launch a limited-edition product in a new market
  3. Assess the important elements of marketing strategy
  4. Evaluate the success of a new product launch
  5. Recommend the next phase of an existing marketing strategy