Above Board Storage Case

Above Board Storage and the Need to Revamp its Marketing Strategies

Katie Reynolds, Winthrop University, Cara Peters, Winthrop University, Craig Davis, Ohio University
January 7, 2020
North America
Marketing & Sales
8 pages
marketing strategy, digital marketing, marketing communication, entrepreneurship
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John Stewart, owner of Above Board Storage, had built a successful storage company on a slim marketing budget, but sales had started to slump. He recognized that he had several internal problems to fix with the management of the operation and the design of the company’s website. But at the same time, John also felt that he needed to modernize the company’s marketing strategies and incorporate more digital marketing tactics into the marketing plan to better attract new customers and to fend off the competition. While John had a general idea for how he could expand his marketing strategies, he was not sure what was the best way forward in order to reinvigorate sales. 

Learning Outcomes: 
  1. Develop a SWOT analysis for a company that competes in the rental storage business
  2. Evaluate how a storage company can differentiate itself from competitors in the marketplace
  3. Create digital marketing strategies to acquire new customers
  4. Construct a broad set of marketing strategies to improve efficiency