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On Nov 19th, Mary Gentile was the guest on Teaching Teachers to Teach Values

What is Giving Voice To Values?

Giving Voice to Values (GVV) is an innovative approach to values-driven leadership development in business education and the workplace, pioneered by Dr. Mary C. Gentile GentileM [at] GVV is based at University of Virginia-Darden School of Business, having been launched by Aspen Institute as Incubator & Founding Partner, with Yale School of Management; then supported at Babson College 2009-16. Drawing on actual experience and scholarship, GVV fills a long-standing critical gap in the development of values-centered leaders.

GVV is not about persuading people to be more ethical. Rather GVV starts from the premise that most of us already want to act on our values, but that we also want to feel that we have a reasonable chance of doing so effectively and successfully. This pedagogy and curriculum are about raising those odds.

Rather than a focus on ethical analysis, the Giving Voice to Values (GVV) curriculum focuses on ethical implementation and asks the question: “What if I were going to act on my values? What would I say and do? How could I be most effective?”

Where can you find the book and the curriculum?

The curriculum is available at\ (or under the “Curriculum” tab at (Teaching notes and B cases are available to registered and approved faculty members. Register at

The book from Yale University Press is Giving Voice To Values: How To Speak Your Mind When You Know What’s Right A series of 6 online interactive, social cohort-based customizable modules are also available: visit and contact GentileM [at] for DEMO. Additionally a new 4 week online course (MOOC) on “Ethical Leadership through Giving Voice To Values” isavailable from Darden in partnership with Coursera at

Who is using GVV?

GVV has now had over 1,250 pilots in educational and business settings on all seven continents. Pilot sites have included the U.S., Europe, Africa, India, China, Australia, Canada, Israel, United Arab Emirates, etc.

Designed for use in graduate business curriculum, the approach has also moved well beyond that. On the education side, GVV has been used in undergraduate, MBA and executive education in hundreds of business schools around the world. It has been a featured part of the United Nations Global Compact PRME (Principles for Responsible Management Education) programming and PRME has become a partner supporting a GVV curriculum development initiative on Anti-Corruption in India. A similar region-specific curriculum development initiatives in Egypt was supported by German University of Cairo and the ILO. Increasingly GVV is also being adapted for educational purposes beyond business (military, medicine, nursing, engineering, law, accounting, liberal arts). There is a GVV book series from Routledge/Greenleaf publishing at and there are numerous titles in the previous GVV book series from Business Expert Press at

Some of the many companies and organizations that have invited presentations and/or are piloting the approach include: Lockheed Martin with award-winning offerings, Unilever, KPMG, Consolidated Edison, Bertelsmann, Chartered Financial Analyst Institute, Prudential, Wealth Management Institute in Singapore, International Atomic Energy Agency, Mubadala, Etihad Aviation, The InterAmerican Development Bank, National Grid, Mayo Clinic, Kaiser Permanente, The Institute for Chartered Accountancy/Ontario, etc. And other expressions of interest are continually growing.

We discussed the use of GVV across cultures and for a summary of that discussion see Gentile's post for Harvard Business Review blog:

Resources available:

Selected Giving Voice To Values ARTICLES and VIDEOS

Mary C. Gentile, PhD

•             ”Values-Driven Leadership Development: Where We Have Been and Where We Could Go” by Mary C. Gentile, 2012, Organization Management Journal, 9:3, 188-196. To link to this article:  

•             “Giving Voice To Values in the Workplace: A Practical Approach to Building Moral Competence” by Mary C. Gentile, Chapter 8 in Ethics Training in Action, pages 167–182, Editor Leslie Sekerka, Information Age Publishing, 2013.

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