Frantz Alphonse

For many companies, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a type of private business self-regulation that intends to contribute to societal goals. Mr. Alphonse wants people to fully associate with how corporations can have a far bigger impact in underrepresented communities and also the ecosystem. His work highlights a simple partnership model between communities, capital, and corporations called "Open Innovation" to promote what he calls - Coalition Capitalism, which is the title of his forthcoming book.

Our guest:

Frantz Alphonse has been described as “The Future Face of Conscious Capitalism”.

Co-founder & Senior Managing Director of AP Capital Holdings, Mr. Alphonse is an entrepreneur in the world of Mergers & Acquisitions, a business strategist, an author, and a philanthropist. His companies historically have generated annual revenues in excess of $2 billion, employed over 10,000 people around the globe, and have spanned an array of industries from Industrial Services, Business Process Outsourcing, Energy Management, IT Hardware, New Media, Facilities Management, and others.



Mr. Alphonse spoke about how he frames problem solving as Simultaneous Outcome Thinking, meaning, when you solve a problem, solve multiple core problems at once and find creative elegant easy solutions to those problems. That is where innovation happens.

If you are struggling to integrate CSR, Sustainability and Social Justice, ask better questions. Have a grand idea of what you want to accomplish and then open up your innovation conversations to people and invite them to collaborate on the solution.

He also discussed what he believes creates breakthrough innovations and that is creating supportive collaborative tension to push each other to create better more effective solutions. 


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