IgnitEd creates a shared space where all programs, initiatives and resources developed by faculty are housed.


The faculty is at the forefront of higher education and these dedicated instructors bring technological tools and the high-tech classroom facilities to life. Due to the changing landscape of higher education, we recognize that new solutions are needed to help ease the professional burden that professors face. We believe that by creating an online sharing community professors will find resources to help fulfill their teaching and research needs. 


IgnitEd enables us to work loosely together towards the furtherance of our common mission and values by creating a shared space where all programs, initiatives and resources developed by individual faculty members are housed. Resource-strapped institutions will benefit by gaining access to curricular and professional development tools already proven successful at the micro-level at other network institutions.




IgnitEd is a mutually beneficial platform allowing each individual organization to maintain their brand identity while still being part of a larger entity designed to meet varying needs. For example, a user may come to the site to register for a conference, but while there, realize that there is curriculum hosted on the site for use in the classroom. For accrediting and tenure application purposes, IgnitEd can provide analytics to demonstrate impact of submitted resources.


We welcome the submission of individual curricular exercises, books, etc. and can just as easily provide the technology to support entire centers and organizations.

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